25 déc. 2013

[ABOUT ME] Gyaru Improvement Meme 2013

How have you improved this year ?

Best Moments

Dear Gals,

Yesterday, I read a very good post from Lizzie. That's inspired me, Thank you to her. Why I didn't do a point of this 2013 year. What did I  do this year ? My Improvement ? The best memories. I'm telling you everything !

When you're passionate, everything can become true. I participated with Natalie & Celine to a show of Kawaii Internationnal. [I remember so beautiful dokumo] Lot of funs and good memories with my lovely friends. I miss her so much. [Kira Glam Forever *tmtc*]

2013, it's the year of a big mouvement of French Gyaru. The meeting in July was so fun & amazing. All people are nice, good mood & smiles. I'll hope a big meeting for 2014. The team GalsGalsRevolution would like to organize one. Who is ready ?

In september, I passed really good moment at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. The meeting with the Gal Unit Black Diamond, the selfie & to discuss with her. I danced parapara [For the first time] with Black Diamond too. I'm not a really good dancer but nevermind, that's amazing ! 3 days where I've the feeling to be in Tokyo. [Miss the Glad News Shop ❤ 

The interview with Céline for Fuji Tv about gyaru fashion : I thought I speak a lot. 

And the most important memories of september : the big surprise for my birthday. I cried like a baby, I destroyed my makeup but I love my friend.

I can't forget the best day of my life : My wedding. The 12 october 2013, I'm married to my wonderful, gorgeous husband. I choose to don't be a gyaru for this moment. I was happy of my simple, great and best moment with my family & best friends.

I'm proud for this year. Now, I must do better for 2014. That'll be difficult isn't it ? I've some project, I can say anything but I hope to tell you more soon.

I made a table about my improve of 2013. Which month do you prefer ?

Finnaly, I would like to thank you all my followers. 500 Followers on my blog  & 200 on my Instagram [@Astralys], I don't believe it ! Thank You so much.
If you follow me this last times, You can know I prepare a giveaway. Stay Tuned, It coming soon. [Spoiler : End of January]

Take Care of You & Merry Christmas,

7 commentaires:

Ramida Dusdeevutikul a dit…

Merry Christmas to u<3
Nice post!


Mariamma Iris a dit…

It sounds like your blog has had quite a good year! I should really sit down and think about how much I've grown this year. Thanks for suggesting it!


Mango RabbitRabbit a dit…

Congrats on your wedding !!!!! Love your style - MERRY CHRISTMAS and looking forward to your next post!! <3

xoxo, Mango ❤
MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Christmas Outfit:Date Night!

Putri Valentina a dit…

you look so cute :D


lovepirate a dit…

Hey there, new follower here. :D I think you're really pretty and that you have improved a lot!
I think I like the month April, June and August from your table the most. <3

MuShii a dit…

I was such a para para lover when I was younger !

I love the Gyaru's style ~

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Thank You so much all of You. I'm really glad to read your comments. Merry christmas & Happy New year !!

@Lovepirate > Oh <3. I wish you the same !

@MuShii > Good ! That's really fun parapara. I regret to don't pratice with somebody.

~~ ~~