8 nov. 2013

[EVENT] Hamee/Strapya World - Treasure Hunt

Dear Gals !

Do you remember my first post about the big Event of Strapya World (Aka Hamee) ? This event win a lot of sucess, so the team of Strapya want to prolong till 15th november.

Check my first blogpost, for more informations about all promotions & reductions.

If I post a second blogspot, it's to annouce you a second crazy event by Hamee :


"Hamee is Japan's largest online shop providing around 25,000 products including cell phone covers, cases and accessories."

Treasure Hunt

◥ How to Join The Treasure Hunt

- Please read the Rules and Disclaimers before you start.
4 kinds of coupon code are hidden somewhere in the store.
- To get coupon codes, please look for Hamee logo icons. Please see the bottom of the page and check out how the logo icon looks like.
- When you find a logo icon, please click it.
- You will be given a coupon code.
- Please keep the coupon code until you place an order.
-  You are given some hints in the bottom of the page.
- Are you ready? Please go back to the Hamee Renewal Anniversary central page from here. The Hamee's Treasure Hunt starts there.

◥ Rules and Disclaimers

- Coupon codes will be applied to the first 88 orders which are placed during the period mentioned below.

"From November 8th, 2013 to November 24th, 2013 in Japan Standard Time"

Coupon codes will be activated when you place orders. Since the number of coupon code is limited, we recommend you to use coupon codes as soon as possible before other people use them.
- 500 JPY and 1,000 JPY coupons have minimum order amount. These coupons work for orders over 2,000 JPY.
Limit one coupon code to per person.
- Limit one coupon code to per order.
- The Tresure Hunt starts from Novemver 8th and ends November 22nd.

You can find a coupon code anywhere on the Hamee webshop. If you find it, use it fastly, the number of coupons is limited. One per person and one per order. There are 88 coupons :


◥ You've got clues to find your coupon code.

- 500 JPY - Check the home anniversary page.
- 1000 JPY - Check the Hamee's best Sellers page.
- 5000 JPY - search the biggest product in Hamee webshop

- 10 000 JPY :

You must know that's not easy to have this gold coupon. You need a lot of patience & reflection.
You need to find 9 alphabets in their page. For find it, you need to answer about their quizz. 9 questions, 9 answers
When you find the good answer, check the page which match with your answer.

Hamee logo icon - Find it !

** An example :

Question 1 - "What is the most famous Japanese food? Hamee created iphone cases featuring this world famous Japanese food."

Answer - "Sushi", I seach the page sushi case, if I find the Hamee Icons on the page : My answer is correct. Click on this icon and get your alphabet !

When you've got your 9 letters, try to make a word and send your answer at world@hamee.co.jp

Good luck everyone, don't forget to check regularly the webshop to have chance to find a coupons. Available from 8th november till 22nd november, 2013. Take all the advantage of this event and share to your friends. It's the moment to have cute items.

If you don't understand the rules, don't hesitate to ask me some questions. If you have difficulty with the coupon of 10 000 JPY, I can to help you a little. More informations on Hamee Webshop.

Kisses & Hugs,

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Fireand sparkes a dit…

Hey could you help me with where number 6 is? that's the only one I need :) I could help you with any of the other ones :)

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Dear Fireand,

You can find the number 6 at this adress :


Good luck <3

Anonyme a dit…

Hi could you help me with the biggest product on their website? Thank you :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi could you help me with the biggest product? Thank you :)

~~ ~~