20 oct. 2013

[OUTFITS] Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

Dear Gals,

I'm so sorry, I'm not a good blogger. I needed a lot of my times to prepare the day of my life. *Haha* I'll show you some pictures for the next update. I write a simple update with my outfits about these 3 days of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. You can know more about this event on the Diamant Rose's Blog and on GalsGalsRevolution.


It's the big opening ! I take my best dress and my biggest wig. In this outfit, I imagined an "Ageha" effect. (Long hairs, long lashes...) I was so glad to collaborate with photographers for a shooting. Thank for them.

Crédit :  David Vuong 
◥ Necklace - Glavil 
◥ Dress - Ghost of Harlem 
◥ Vest - Glavil 
◥ Shoes - New Look 

Crédit :  Gil Morice


Another day, another style ! I kept the rokku style but more decontract and casual. I prefer to have long smooth hair and add a fringe from prisila. I've a crush to the hat from "Baby Shoop".

◥ Necklace - Glavil 
◥ Top - H&M 
◥ Vest - Glavil 
◥ Long skirt - Pimkie 
◥ Shoes- New Look 

Crédit : Le Nouvel Observateur

The last day. I chose my favourite outfit what i bought at Glad News Stand. I wanted to be Rokku & Kawaii. It's stylish and confortable to dance parapara with Black Diamond. I had so many pressure, I was in front of the scene. I never danced parapara before. I did my best, no regret. I promised to do a best result for the next show. (I want to be behind !!)

Sunday, it's too the gyaru meeting day. It was difficult to gather together all the gals. We don't have the result we wanted. Howerver, I met some many cute gals and discussed with her. I'm so glad to see new faces, readers or gorgeous gyaru. We'll improve these meetings.

◥ Google - Offbrand 
◥ Dress - GladNews
◥ Necklace- Glavil 
◥ Shoes- New Look 

Crédit - Nakana-Focus

That's four wonderful days. Hope to do another event like this.

Kisses & Hugs,

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Amaya Yume a dit…

Uh really nice outfits! :D I liked them alot!

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Thank You Amaya <3 <3

Honey Tan @ ihearthoneytan.com a dit…

Everyone one looks lovely! Awesome pictures!

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Thank You Honey <3 <3

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