31 oct. 2013

[EVENT] Strapya World - Hamee

Hello Gals !

Today, I've a mission & a Partnership with Strapya world (http://www.strapya-world.com/categories/Hamee-Renewal-Anniversary/9270.html). The goal ? To offer you some exclusives reductions & very good promotion. More over, you can note what the name of Strapya World changed for Hamee. Do you like it ?

Don't forget, all this reductions & promotion are available only during from 01 november 13:00 to November 7th 13:00 [JST].

I would like to add my touch with a selection of my favourite products. (& My wishlit) We all need a little world of goodies & Blingbling *haha*. This is the moment if you need to change some accessories and to have cute products.

◥ 1. One Day Sale

Everyday a list are update to offert you 80% discount on a list of product. If you don't like the product the 1st november,   don't miss to check the another days... The list of products will change everyday. [Yes, I repeat to me] The only condition, you can buy one product by person.

◥ 2. 5$ Sale

The title is explicit. 200 products, each to 5$. A lot of choice for a little price. A lot of goodies, I chose some product what I like. For example, I adore Harry Potter, I'm a crazy fan of these chopstick. There are a lot of Kawaii items like Sanrio Characters (My Melody), gorgeous kimono iphone case, cupcake for your phone, and a soooo cute cat charms. I needed to add a Rokku touch with handcuffs cell phone strap. No limit to buy.

◥ 3. 1$ Sale

The same for the part two. You've the choice between 60 products for 1$. A lot of choice of charms to customize your phone or any things. My favourite charms are the flowers & the metal tea charms. Really a good surprised. No limit to buy.

◥ 4. Free Gift

You'll receive a free gift if you make an order at Hamee Strapya World". A good point, if you are a manual person. I really love to make Origami and you ?

Don't forget, this is your chance to make good deals. You can check all of this offers on the website of Strapya World (Click on the link - http://www.strapya-world.com/categories/Hamee-Renewal-Anniversary/9270.html). Hurry Up ! The time of this big event is limited.

Kisses & Hugs,

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