5 sept. 2013

[EVENT] The Gal Unit 【Diamant Rose】 has now a blog

Hay Gals,

Damn ! I didn't announce to all my followers all the good news. Can you forgive me again ? I hurt in my back, I need a lot of peace and quiet. My pelvis is moved and the consequence is a lot of pains all in my back... [I'm a grand mother]

Anyways ! I'm glad to present to you, the blog of our Gal Unit 【Diamant Rose】. Follow our adventures & news. I update the Thursday on the blog every other week. I wouldn't post on my official blog.

You can have a preview of my post of the week. I present to our followers an outfit Rokku & Glamour. Don't hesitate to post a comment and to follow the blog with Google Readers or Bloglovin. [Click here for Bloglovin]

I wouldn't post often this times because I've a lot of work with my wedding & the big event Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. Our Gal Unit'll dance parapara with the celebrate Gal Unit 【Black Diamond】  We train a lot to be good the D-day. I'll take exclusive pictures only for my blog. Hope to take some pictures with 【Black Diamond】 members. I can't wait to meet her. Let's go to the show !

Don't forget :

"The french Gal Unit Diamant Rose organize his first meetup in Tokyo Crazy kawaii, September 22nd 2013 at 3pm front the stand of the famous Japanese GAL UNIT 【black diamond】!!! "
We are 47 participant ! WOoaOW ! Hope to meet all of you at this meeting. Join us !!

Kisses & Hugs

4 commentaires:

Candy_dreaming a dit…

Bon rétablissement à toi é.è J'espère que ça ira mieux surtout si tu as beaucoup de choses à préparer...
En tout cas j'espère pouvoir venir à ce meeting cette fois. Même si on ne peut pas spécialement dire que je suis dans le mouvement (beginner ;_;) je suis et ça serait cool de rencontrer d'autres personnes de la communauté.
Hâte de voir la presta :D good luck!
Byou ~

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Merci beaucoup Candy !
Tu sais que tu sois dans le mouvement ou pas, on s'en fiche. On est simplement heureuse de partager un super moment avec tout le monde. Ca sera avec un grand plaisir de te voir aussi. N'hésite pas à venir nous parler ou me parler.

Merci beaucoup de ton message <3 <3 Bisouuus

Anonyme a dit…

wow, I love gal fashion :) but sadly I dont understand french :(
love your blog :) xx

Joshua Hideki a dit…

Congratulations!! :)


~~ ~~