27 sept. 2013

[EVENT] Tokyo Crazy Kawaii - Thursday

Thursday, september 19th 2013

I get up at five o clock to take my train. 4 hours of train to arrive in Paris. I was so stressed and impatient. My friend Myriam & Minna welcomed me at Paris. We went directly at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. We were invited to repeat parapara danse with Black Diamond before the big opening of this event.

I was so impressived. They were so amazing, cute and so kind (And the manager is wonderful). Black Diamond started to danse. We needed to learn the final danse. It's a strange feeling to see in real. After, We repeated together. *Fan*

Crédit : Tokyo Crazy Kawaii
We had some times to visit the convention in preview. We met a lot of people. U Kimura is my best memorie. She is very kind, sparkling and so pretty. She prepared her stand about her new collection in collaboration with "Glad News". I really love ! & You ?

We took full advantage of this moment. Pictures, localisation of the "shibuya 109" stands and to discuss with the manager & the Black Diamond. (With the help of a traductor. Thanks to him). It was a good day. We went to Myriam's home to rest a little. Only 4 hours... But that's, I'll tell in another update ! Don't miss it !! 

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Kisses & Hugs,

6 commentaires:

Ryo a dit…

ça donne envie !

Je ne savais pas en quoi consistait ce tokyo crazy, puisque je ne voyais personne parler de cet évènement en profondeur juste qu'il y avait un meeting organisé.

Si l'an prochain, ça se tient toujours, je tenterai de venir !

Bises !

Amaya Yume a dit…

I want to go there too *___* woah so cute! x3

Anonyme a dit…

Je comprend avec l 'excitation du moment plus la répète
c'est un moment génial!!

Honey Tan @ ihearthoneytan.com a dit…

Looks fun. This makes me sad because I need to get out,lol.

Emily's Diary a dit…

Tu sais que je continue de suivre tes aventures sur facebook ;)

D'ailleurs, toutes mes félicitations pour ton mariage ! Et tout mes voeux de bonheur ! <3

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Ryo > J'ai fait un rapport sur GGR ! C'est un peu une convention mode japonaise ! Le top <3 <3 Gros Bisouuuus

Amaya > Hope to see you next year !

Lunia > Oh que oui ! Le retour à la normal est même un peu difficile !

Honey > Oh :(. Hope you can have fun with your friends soon. (And to see you next year ?)

Emily > Ca me fait tellement plaisir de lire ça <3 <3 Merciiiiiiiiii, des bisous.

~~ ~~