17 août 2013

[Review] Born Pretty Store - Neo Angel Color

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I'll back soon. I need to take care of me between my health & my work. I hurt my back & my pelvis. [Not a serious problem]

Now, I promise, the second part of my review about "Born Pretty Store". Check it Out ♥ 

☆ NEO Angel Color 


  • Diameter : 14.2mm; [BC: 8.6mm; CT: 0.028mm],
  • Color : 5 colors selectable,
  • No correction,
  • Price : $20.98,
  • Thin edge design,
  • Extreme comfort & UV Protection,
  • Easy adaption,
  • Sandwich Technologic-color inside,
  • Can be worn for 1 year.


The design is sober. I search in these circle lens to intensify my look. The pattern create a green halo effect. You can wear these lens without makeup, we can't see the little difference.
I find a wild effect when I wear these lens. I transform me in a darkness person. *haha*


I choose the same color of my eyes : Green. It's a natural color, transparent on my eyes. I think it's perfect for a onee gyaru style.


The diameter is 14.2 mm. Your natural iris' diameter is 12 or 13 mm. The goal of these lens is create an natural & wild effect. [Cf - Picture] The mix between the design & the enlargement give you a sexy look.


Very comfortable as a contact lens. Is more easy to apply the lens on your eyes with it diameter.

→ NEO Angel Color – DIA 14.2mm


Two reviews, two opposites circle lens. I prefer the blue "Pandora" one. I'had literraly a crush to the color, the design and this impressive enlargement. 
The green "Neo Angel" circle lens are too simple. I never choose the same colour of my eyes. I need to change [& I don't like the colour of my eyes].
My only regret, there are no correction. I'm nearsighted and it's a big difficulty to wear without glasses. Howerver, I'm glad to wear with my new glasses. It give me another style.

I recommend Born Pretty Store : I found a good value for money. The store sell so many beauties products, you have the choice.

If you want to buy on Born Pretty Store, I can offer you a coupon code. You'll have 10%off.

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2 commentaires:

Aimie Chérise a dit…

They look so good on you!

hugs and kisses xx


moeri's story a dit…

J'aime beaucoup la couleur de ces lentilles elles sont vraiment belles et te vont tres bien!!

Tu es magnifique!!


~~ ~~