3 août 2013

[Review] Born Pretty Store - Circle lens Glamour Pandora

Hi Gals,

How are you ? Since the big meeting in Paris, I take some holiday. Sorry, to don't update more often. Can you forgive me ?

I received a lot of package and make some purchases. I'll present to you soon in another article. I would like to writte about a new sponsor : Born Pretty Store. It's a webstore which sell a lot of beauty products. [Nails art, circle lens, jewelleries, Hair accessories...]

They sent me two pairs of circle lens to test. Check my reviews.... Go ! Go ! Go !

☆ Glamour Pandora 


  •  Diameter : 19.5mm  [BC: 8.5mm; CT: 0.025mm],
  •  Color : 5 colors selectable,
  • No correction,
  • Price : $20.98,
  • Thin edge design
  • Extreme comfort & UV Protection,
  • Easy adaption,
  • Sandwich Technologic-color inside,
  • Can be worn for 1 year.


The design is sophisticated. It's a mix of several stars : Blue, purple & black. The design make your eyes bigger and intenser.
In first time, I was very afraid of the pattern ; I don't want to look like an alien. After several tests, I'm falling in love of this lens.
However, this circle lens must to be wear with an important gyaru makeup.


19.5 mm of diameter. Woah, it's the first time I try circle lens too big. More the diameter is bigger, more you enlarge your look.
I feel like the "Puss in Boots". If you search more discreet, you can forget these lens.


You can choose among 5 colours. I took blue color ; my favourite color. The purple color adds reflection, we can see the color when you wear it.
My green eyes match with the blue color of the lens. [Thanks to the pattern]


I'm really surprised for the comfort of these circle lens. I don't felt any difference between a low diameter lens and Pandora circle lens.
I give always the same tips when you wear circle lens. Use the serum Rohto Lycée or don't wear your circle lens more than 8 hours. Take care of your eyes !

If you want to buy on Born Pretty Store, I can offer you a coupon code. You'll have 10%off.
Take care of you,
See you for the second part of the second circle lens review...

Kisses & Hugs,

3 commentaires:

Galily Ks a dit…

Ca te vas vraiment bien les lunettes ! j aime beaucoup les circles que tu portes et merci pour le code :3
Je vois que tu parle de la lotion Rohto Lycée, je peux donc avoir confiance en elle !
Il y a quelques années j en avais acheté mais je n ai finalement pas osé l ouvrir et donc je l'ai revendu !

Kathleen Paul a dit…

Those contacts look awesome i followed you with GFC come check out mine and follow if you like :D

Hope you like it hun, looking forward to your posts :)

Ces contacts semblent impressionnants Je vous ai suivi avec GFC venir voir le mien et suivre si vous aimez: D

J'espère que vous aimez hun, avec impatience vos messages :)

Vous pourriez avoir à utiliser google translate pour mon blog, mais j'ai un sélecteur de langue, donc c'est assez simple, il va probablement vous demander :)

cayumi nagamura a dit…

Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

i like the way you present your blog post.

I will visit your blog more often

Just for your info. you can also check out www.contactlensxchange.com for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

Enjoy and stay pretty : )


~~ ~~