21 juil. 2013

[EVENT] "The last time I saw Paris..."

Dear Gals,

How are you ? So long times, I must to show my travel to Paris. I went to Japan Expo & Gyaru meeting at Kawaii Café.

I arrived friday, I had a good time to Paris with my gals [Camille, Myriam, Rina & I]. I made some shopping in Paris. This day was the beginning of a adventure : Train late, cancelled, heat, feet pains...

I slept at Myou's home. I thank a lot her and her mother to welcome me. I was so happy to be with her. We share laughts, pains, tiredness, gossip & especially... a strong friendship.

Nail Art Myou & Me

Saturday, it was a running. We get up at 04 o'clock. [We slept only 4 hours] We needed a lot of times to prepare for Japan Expo and after the meeting.
We crossed Paris by train to arrived at Japan at 11h30 am, We was late to the Tsubasa Masuwaka conference. [& We didn't have ticket to enter directly]. So many people, so hot, my phone could join nobody. Bad moments.

My brother & Me - ShabuShabu's picture crédit - NHK Stand

Fortunately, I found my brother, Gals Gals Revolution team, Eri & Gaële. I visited the stands but I buy nothing. Some people took some pictures of Myou & Me. If you found me, can you send me the pictures ? I found only one by ShabuShabu.

So, we stayed only 2 hours at Japan Expo. I think it's was the useless moment of the day. We went together [except my brother] to the gyaru meeting at Kawaii Café.

We didn't stop running ; I couldn't breathe ; My hair looked like nothing ; I perspired... I didn't arrive with a good stade of mind. I was really impressed, all people at the meeting was very friendly. I'm so glad to be in this positive french community. we made some pictures [Oh gosh, I'm horrified when I see me], we discussed a lot. I did Floriane's hair [& burn a little...]. I want her hair <3.

We are so many [~20], didn't believe it. We finished the afternoon at "Les tuileries" to make some group pictures. Myou & me are very tired. We decided to not go to the party "Tokyo 2 Séoul". We prefered a quiet evening with a good series.

Sunday, the last day. The times has passed so fast. The times has passed so fast. I take full advantage of my trip in Paris. I met finally Minna. She couldn't go to the meeting. I hope to see her again in september. We ate at restaurant before to take my train.

I had a lot of feeling : We cried [in particular Myou & Me]. It was so hard to go back home. I miss you desperately !

Thank you all of you Gals !! Myriam, we start again in september at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii ?


I can't to finish this articles without to write about "Diamant Rose". Diamant Rose is the first Gal Unit of France. The meeting at Kawaii Café was the selection for this Gal Unit.

Myriam is the leader. She make a partnership with a future webshop. The members of the Gal Unit can have some reductions for this boutique.
The webshop will sell gyaru products [Lizlisa, Glavil, Onespo, Glad news...] without exorbitant shipping prices, comissions and without customs.

I'm so proud to be in the first generation. I'll do my best in gyaru style. The french community grows up. I would like to keep the good harmony. It's a passion, not a competition. I'll be at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii in september. I need to loose some pounds to be ready for this event. Go ! Go ! Go ! Sport !

I finish this article with some videos of Anna : The buyer of the webshop. Can't wait the opening. Don't forget to like the "Diamant Rose" facebook page. [A lots of news coming soon]

Youtube of Diamant Rose

Take care of you, 
Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Et ben moi je te trouve ravissante ma poupette, comme toujours!! Ton weekend a du être super intense, un véritable marathon! Je t'envie d'avoir participé au meeting à Paris, je rêve de rencontrer toutes ces charmantes demoiselles! J'en profite pour te féliciter pour ta nomination dans le gal unit...même si ne me faisais aucun souci pour ta candidature!! Tu es une parfaite gaijin gyaru ma belle, continue de croire en toi! En attendant de te revoir (je t'attends sur Bdx!), je te fais d'énormes poutous!!

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Merci pour les traductions anonymous :) <3 <3

Anonyme a dit…

^o^ Vous êtes toutes adorable sur la photo groupe
Vous avez du courage avec la chaleur ,les retards de train XD(vive la sncf)
J'adore votre outfit avec le beret à cornet et les collants tatouages <3
C 'est vraiment une bonne chose que la communauté gyaru s’agrandit
Vive diamond rose ^o^

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Merci Lunia ton commentaire fait chaud au cœur. On espère vraiment que la communauté gyaru française s’agrandira et qu'elle restera soudée !!

~~ ~~