22 juin 2013

Paris, I'm coming ! ♥ ♥

Dear Gals,

It's with a lot of enjoy I announce you : I'll go to Paris !!
Indeed, there are a big gyaru meeting with my friend from Paris. I'm so glad to see her for the first time.

Moreover, I'll come at Japan Expo saturday, July the 6th ! On the morning, there is a conference with Tsubasa Masuwaka. I prepare my camera and I promise to publish on my blog. Don't miss it !

For these big events, I'm so worry. I come from countryside and Paris look like a moutain to me. Fortunately, I'll be with my friend Myou. Together, we'll alive a lot of adventure.

◥ Last Purchases...

I bought some clothes from Aliexpress. It's very cheap and clothes are good qualities
However, the shipping is very slow... I made this order 1 month ago. [Seller - First Sight 2012]

I like to mix gyaru & Harajuku style. My galaxy top and my cross skirt are typical of Harajuku. I've literally a crush.

Top & Shirt [Aliexpress] - Boots  [San Marina]
Nails [Claire's] 

The blue top with cross pattern is a [little] disappointment. It's a see-through top. I wear a swimsuit below the top. I would like to find another clothes to wear below. 
Nevertheless, it is very soft and light.

Top [Aliexpress] - Short [Pimkie] - Shoes [Bata]
Bracelets [Ebay]
I hope to see you in Paris ! Tell me if you participate too. Don't miss the gyaru meeting satuday, the 06th [More informations...]. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

12 commentaires:

Mikirin~☆ a dit…

T'es sérieuse!?? Gyaru meeting et Tsubasa à Paris, justement quand je serai là bas!??...Ok nan mais je connais personne, je sais pas si j'y irais... >_____<

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Oui Oui ! Très sérieuse ! Après il y a pas de soucis, si tu as besoin de compagnie. Ce serait dommage de louper ça.

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka a dit…

You`re so lucky ! I can`t wait for your next post ! <3
And I love your coords , mostly the 2nd one because it`s really awesome <3. The shorts are just gorgeous...no , you are gorgeous ! ^^

Ly☆ a dit…

Mon oursonne, tu es toujours aussi magnifique! Je te surkiffe en Onee Gyaru, le turquoise et ce make up te vont à ravir!!! Tu as beaucoup de chance d'aller à la JE et au meeting, tu me raconteras hein??? Gros poutous ma belle!

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Soukkuma > Thank you !! You're so nice <3. I'll post a lot of pictures !

Ly d'amour > Merci ma poupette *-* ! Même si j'étais pas trop convaincu de ce haut un peu transparent. Je vais trouver autre chose à mettre en dessous. H
Je raconterais tout tout tout tout ! Ca va être de la folie sur Paris ><

June L. a dit…

Wow, meeting in Paris - that sounds like a lot of fun! C:
Love your outfits, and oh my - those bracelets at the end of the post are lovely!

Junniku blog [Click!]
- A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Thank You Jun for all nice comments <3

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Thank You Jun for all nice comments <3

Gabriela Arana a dit…

Hi! Nice outfit and that Shirt looks amazing.

Vanessa a dit…

Amazing post...I really like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Joshua Hideki a dit…

That's really creative of you!
I hope you do enjoy the Gyaru meeting in Paris!
Have fun!!~


Ryo a dit…

Tiens ! Je pensais avoir laissé un commentaire ?! Soit je suis atteinte d’Alzheimer , soit tu l'as supprimé x'D (parano ON).

Ce que j'aime chez toi, c'est que tu ne te contentes pas de déballer tes achats, tu nous montres tes coordinations ! Ce que j'aime également, c'est que tu oses porter ce que les "rondes" n'osent pas !

Du coup, même si je suis ultra maigre, te voir franchir le pas fait que j'ai envie de suivre ton exemple : c'est en testant qu'on sait ce qui nous sied ou non.

Continues comme ça, j'adore te voir dans ce type d'article, même si pour ma part, j'ai tourné la page ♥


~~ ~~