26 mai 2013

[review KKcenterHK] Mineral Blush Jojo Make up professional

Hi Gals,

So cold today. I'm waiting the sun. On the south of the France, It's raining cats & dogs. Where is the summer ?? I would like to wear a short but I feel more a bear than a Gals. [*Poke Natalie & Céline*]
I'm on vacation for a week. I'll update more often my blog and I would like to finish my articles on Gals Gals Revolution. French Gals, don't miss a soon update ! 

This is the second part of KKcenterHK's review. I'm a little bit late, sorry. Now, I'll present the next product :


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Make Up Set Extremely Portable.
100% New, Never Been Used
Suitable For Differ Style
Brush In Case Below
Color : Salmon Pink
Size : 60mm X 60mm X 17mm


The packaging looks like a MAC blush. I appreciate the mirror, the good point of this packaging. In my point of view, the brush is useless. The support is solid : don't risk to broke your blush.


It's a compact powder. It's not powdery and easy to shade off. [No powder everywhere on your face]
I'm very impressed of the resist of this blush. It resists all a day on my cheeks and don't move. [With a good foundation & a primer] 

Swatch - Color « 04 Natural Organic »

I take a risk with a barbie pink colour [« 04 Natural Organic »] . I really glad to my choice. I was afraid to look like a bad replica of doll. The colour is pigmented. Be careful if you do not want to become a clown. I like the sweet contrast with my white skin. 100% effect "look well"


A cheap blush for a good quality. It's one of my favourite blush. I'm glad of the colour, perfect & elegant for white skin. I prefer this blush than a ELF or a expensive blush like NARS.
I persuaded my sweety friend Ly of the quality. Maybe I'll persuade you ?

 → 6.54 $ [~5€] on KKcenterHK

Don't forget my coupon code 10% off with code "ginger"

See you soon Gals. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

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