12 mai 2013

[Review KKcenterHK] LINGMEI Shiny Precision Liquid Eyeshadow

Dear Gals,

How are you ? New update 100% KKcenterHK. I want to make two part : one for each products. I start with a liquid eyeshadow by LINGMEI. I never use liquid eyeshadow, It was the opportunity to test and check the quality.

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A princess packaging

→ Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
→ 100% Authentic
→ 12 Colour : Grey/Blue/Pink/Green/Black/Yellow/Deep Red/White/Brown/Red/Purple/Orange
→ Size : 10mm x 10mm x 100mm
→ Precision Liquid Eyeshadow
→ Perfect Complement to the Eye
→ Easy To Use and Long Lasting
→ Smooth And Soft Pen Point
→ Shiny Colours Make You More Outstanding

Source : KKcenterHK

Swatch - Green Colour #12

☆ Packaging 

A very cute packaging. I feel like a princess. In my opinion, it's not very solid and not convenient to finish the tube.
The pen is confortable and precise to apply on your eyelid.

☆ Texture 

The texture is creamy, not runny. However, it must blend it quickly. The makeup dries very fast. The result is shiny and the eyeshadow does not move. I asked me if it was not a waterproof. [Yes, I tested the eyeshadow during my shower. I kept my swatch on my arm !!].
I like to use this eyeshadow like a "primer" or to sublimate the color with a black khôl as a primer.

☆ Colour 

The eyeshadow is not pigmented. Bright, but certainly not pigmented. I was disappointed with the color rendering. I chose a glittery green. Rendering is turquoise, with some green reflections. The makeup in shades of blue does not suit me.
The product will bring nice touch of light, but not color.

☆ Quality - Price 

A good product that need to work with other makeup products. . This eyeshadow has a really good performance compared with a compact eyeshadow powder. Vous can use to illuminate, as a primer, or to sublimate.

10$ (Less of 8€) is a cost-effective eyeshadow and good quality. I recommend ! 

☆ 1. Use as a "primer"

Apply and blend the green liquid eyeshadow on your mobile eyelid.

I use "Junkie" of Vice Palette by Urban Decay. Apply on the 3/4 of you mobile eyelid.
I use "Snakebite" of Naked 2 and aply on the hollow of the eye & under eye as a "V"

Add a light touch with "Half Baked" of Naked 2,  in the inner corner.

Intensify the hollow with "Blackout" of Naked 2. Blend the makeup.

Remove the excess with a large brush and apply your mascara.

 2. Use to sublimate with khôl primer

Blend black khôl on the eyelid. [I use "Color Riche" by Loréal] & Apply the liquid Eyeshadow on the khôl

Apply "Nevermind" [Vice Palette by Urban Decay] on the hollow of the eyelid & on under eyes. Use a white color in the inner corner and under the eyebrow.

Use a black liner.

Apply your mascara.

Hope you like my review. You can comment if you've any questions. I wanted to create these short tutorials to explain and demonstrate the product. Feel free to tell me if you want to see more tutorials like these.

 In waiting to my next review, I offer you a coupon code available on KKcenterHK. 10% Off with the code "ginger". Hurry up ! 

Thanks to KKcenterHK,
See you Soon ,
Kisses & Hugs,

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Paula Pastrana a dit…

love it!

Misa Lee a dit…

The packaging is totally cute and princess like I love it. The color looks great too but I guess it can be used as primer like you said ;) pretty eyes! And I absolutely love junkie shade <3


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