31 mai 2013

Ginger Showroom

I'm bored, I would to hang out with my husband on the beach. The weather is so bad in the south of the France. It's cold, it's humid. My hobbies are very limited. I'm waiting june to do a lot of things for my wedding. Need to hang out with Natalie & Céline for my wedding cake !

I shouldn't do my bear, so, I had an idea. Make a showroom [Or not...] ! I went on my dressing and I make a lot of outfit with some clothes, accessories I would like to sell. The reason ? Don't suit me, don't wear often.

I wanted to show a coordination with products what I sell . Maybe It'll help you to make a choice. [& I Iowered the price]. 

All are not to sell, please read the descriptions.

 Shipping from France ; Only Paypal [Paypal fees for buyer] ; I don't smoke ; First paid - First served ; Shipping is not included ; I am not responsible for any lost and dammage during shipping.

◥ Soft coat "Ghost of Harlem"

  • Collection Fall/Winter 2013
  • New - Without tags
  • Size : S - M
  • Price : 40 € without shipping

◥ Poncho Delyle

  • Second Hand
  • Like New - Without tags
  • Free Size
  • Price : 25 € without shipping

◥ Fur Hood Tralala

  • Second hand
  • Like new - without tags
  • Free Size
  • Price : 15 € without Shipping

◥ Pink top TutuHa babydoll

Hot Point

  • Second hand
  • Like new - without tags
  • Size : S - L
  • Price : 40 € without Shipping

◥ D.i.a. Big Usamimi - SOLD

Hot Point
  • Second Hand
  • Used - Without Tags
  • Price : 10 € without shipping

☆ Crazy Bonus [Not to sell]

Where is my Harley Davidson ??

Boooooooobs !! Or not...
Duck Face :{}

Let me know in message if you're interested and If you want more informations. Yeah, I'm crazy to make a shooting all the night to present these clothes. Vacations effect, perhaps. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

6 commentaires:

Joshua Hideki a dit…

I really really like the way the black 'punk inspired' coat looks on you!! Loud yet soft, perfect combination!


Ina Doll a dit…

Soft coat "Ghost of Harlem"

I am interested ;) I am from germany and would like to know the shipping costs. Would you be so nice to look them up for me? <3 Thank you *__*

You can also reach me by mail info@inadoll.com

Anonyme a dit…

woaaah <33 I love your delyle poncho! looks really good ^^

how about following each other?


Riina a dit…

I would like the d.i.a big usamimi : D

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Hi Riina ! No problem the usamimi is always available. ^^

Thank You all <3

viewrama a dit…

Hey !
I like your posts and blog ! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Check out my blog if you have a free minute :)Would you like to follow each other?Just let me know please,so that I can follow back.Keep on postingxx
Wish you a nice week!

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