29 mars 2013

✿Spring Haul✿

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Hope you've a great day. I finished my moving. *Happy me*. I'm so tired while I'm on holiday. I sleep all day : My back is broken. I could to say "bye bye" to my cave flat to live on a wonderful house. A lot of emotions, I need to have a new routine.

"Home Sweet Home"

I'm just finish today, to move & tidy up all my furnitures. My house feel empty than my little flat. I need more furnitures, again and again.
I think to don't buy clothes and accessories before the summer. We need to save our money and with my diet, it's useless. [I don't forget to do my Vlog]

My Kitchen

Before the moving, I've crush for somes clothes and accessories.

Spring & Summer = Colorful, my inspiration is more "hippie chic", "bohem", "western". I like turquoise & coral colour. When these color is associated with stylish clothes... [With feathers...] I can't resist.

Cryx - Garula

I'm falling in love to the shoes from this casual W*C coordinate. I don't know the brand. If you found it : Please comment !

You'll maybe know this d.i.a. bag. It's the bag from a d.i.a. Fukubukuro.  I found it on mbok for 300 yen  (2.50 euros). I like the design, the print... It's perfect when I'll go the beach.

D.i.a. Fukubukuro Bag


 I'll do an order on "Petit Egoist". It is a shop which sell some authentic 109 brands of  second hand . [Link] Most of clothes, accessories are new or unused

◥ I like

→ She sells a lot of d.i.a. clothes & Accessories [& another brands as Ma*rs, JSG, Gold Infinity...]. It's a good opportunity when we all know what d.i.a. don't have a webshop

→ All of products are like new. If not, she clarifies the condition on the pictures' descriptions.

→ The seller is available, clear about shipping informations. She accept to send my package later. (Because of my moving). I'm very grateful to accept this service.

→ The shipping is very fast : Less of two weeks. You can ask her many question in facebook private message. She send me a tracking number. My package was in very good condition.

◥ I dislike

→ The price. However, it's less expensive than new 109 brand. I forgive.

→ You'll not find new products. If you want new collections, you'll need a personnal shopper.

D.i.a. Bra - D.i.a. Pullover


There are some day, I bought new cosmetics products [Again]. I will start with my two favorites from Benefit :  "Stay don't Stray" [360° Primer] & "Fake Up" [Hydrating concealer]. I can't use one if I don't use the other. Soon a review !

I can't finish this article if I don't speak about "Lush" ! I use our products since 6 month. I can see a result, in particular for my hair. "Retour dans le droit chemin" is a revolution. My hair is more shiny, strong, soft... [& the rinse is fast]

I can space out my shampoo with "poudre de perlinpinpin" a dry shampoo. Now, you know my haircare routine

I bought a Fresh Cleanser for my husband : He has a oily skin. [Wait & See] I ordered, today, a shaving cream. My husband tested a sample of "Ambroisie". First use, his sensible skin is calm, soft with less redness. Men, you should test this product ! 

Normaly, I use Lancôme to hydrating my face. I use Nuxe for my lips, it's a wonderful hydrating. So, I want to test for my face. 

Today, I received a packaging from my sweetie, Céline. She remember what I like. We falling in love in a same picture. A inspiration for this spring & summer.

She  found bracelet with infinity symbol & a pink ring ["Kapow!" Like comics *haha*]. I would like to thank her to think to me. She is so lovely & sweet , isn't it ? [Now darling, we must to find the same another bracelet on the picture ! ♥ ]

See you Soon Gals,
Kisses & Hugs,

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Pika-Steph a dit…

Ooo! You purchased from Petit Egoist too? I have bought tons of stuff from her! She's great. I've been in the process of posting about some of the items I got from her.

I love your new home. I hope you'll share more pictures soon!


Ly☆ a dit…

J'adore ta nouvelle petite maison!! Ta cuisine a l'air très sympa! Tu dois te sentir nettement mieux que dans ta caverne (comme tu l'appelais, je ne me permettrais pas de juger puisque je ne l'ai jamais vue!lol). Tes achats sont extras, il me tarde de te voir avec (je vais te harcler, jusqu'à ce que tu nous fasse un super outfit post!! niark niark!!). Je kiffe aussi les chaussures sur la photo outfit, j'espère que qqun pourras t'éclairer à ce sujet (demande peut-être aussi sur fb?). Petit Egoist, j'ai pas encore testé. C'est vrai que c'est un peu cher, et puis j'attends une commande de Mbok (imagine un peu, j'attends 4 hauts d.i.a.!!). Les produits Lush sont vraiment extras! Je ne jure que par leur Rafistoleur, une merveille!^^ Je suis ravie que mon petit paquet te plaise! C'est dingue, dès que je vais en ville, je vois toujours un accessoire très "Nini-like"!!La prochaine fois je te ramène la bague Superman?? ;) Rahhhh ce que tu me manques! Tu reviens quand nous voir?? Gros poutous ma belle!

Domi a dit…

Cute ♥ Such a nice inspirative blog ^^

Domi a dit…

cute ♥ such a nice inspirative blog ^^

Bisma Rauf a dit…

Nice Blog :)
Check out my blog at: http://beauty-fulll.blogspot.com/

Maho a dit…

Great blog you have. And this outfit is really lovely.

Keep bloggin'
Lots of love, Maho


Ryo' a dit…

Ta nouvelle petite maison !!!!

Je fais pauvresse à côté -_-"

~~ ~~