12 févr. 2013

Versatile Award 2013

Dear Gals,

I would like thanks to Natalie ( Happy Birthday my sweetie ♥ ) & Floriane to give me a Versatile Blogger Award. Here we go !

Thank You ~

8 Things about me

→ I hate going to the Doctor,
→ I am rancorous and I've an excellent memory,
→ I didn't like gold. Today, I love it !
→ I like to have time alone,
→ I always play to Pokemon, (But I like first version)
→ Three years ago, I had nothing in makeup.
→ I found on internet my best friends & my future Husband.
→ I always the feelling to be a UFO

☆ What is your second name ?

My second name is Lucie. It's not my really second name, It's the second part of my first name. (Nicole-Lucie)

☆ What's your best memory as a child ?

When I was a child (4 - 11 years old), I lived in a police quarter in a flat. It was a hot evening, I opened my window. I don't know why,  I sang " Part of your world" from the movie The little mermaid. I believed in me *yay*.
My friends (who lived in the  police quarter too) heard me. I didn't know up to I saw the group laughing. I hid under my window. I was ashamed.
I wake up, I look out the window. I see still their faces, they congratulated me. Want to know what I say? :

 "I am talented, isnt it?"

☆ How many pairs of shoes do you own ?

15 pairs of shoes.

☆ What comes first in your 2013 wishlist ?

I can't quote one thing on my 2013 wislist. I've 3 big wishes which are linked.
First, I would like to end my diet and to loose 20 kilos before the summer. (I'll made a vlog about this)
Second, I organize my wedding in september, I want to do the best day for my husband and I.
After the weeding, I wish to go to Japan. I would like to do an big trip not cheap. (ideally Tokyo and Kyoto)

I'll write articles to this 3 wishes.

☆ What's your latest beauty crush ?

☆ The best advice someone ever gave you ?

Never say die.

☆ The best advice you could ever give ?

There is no good or bad advice. Everything is good to take for you to make choices. 

☆ Do you have a lucky charm ?
I've a stone in my handbag. It's my future husband who found it in the ocean. It has the form of a heart. I love it.

☆ Which song can you listen on repeat ?

☆ What's your fashion obession at the moment ?

☆ What talent do you wish to have ?

I would like to sing like Lady Gaga.

Your next beauty/fashion buy?

☆ What's your goal for 2013?

My wedding in september and to find a new bigger house.

☆ The dish you loved ?

Crème brûlée Forever.

☆ The person who inspires you the most?

I find my inspiration everywhere : In gyaru magazine, gyaru snaps, Singers (Lady Gaga), Models, Brands (Luxury, Shibuya109, Harajuku...), Creator (KawaiiRoxX). I didn't like to be in a category.

☆ If I say "glamour", what does it evoque for you?

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman.

☆ Describe yourself in 5 words

Spontaneous, Faithful (in love and friendship), Clumsy, Positive & Understanding...

Hard to find a person who is not tagged - With the same questions
Ryosama -Myou - Tina - Minna - Moeri - Mika - Ayu - Dolly

Kisses & Hugs

3 commentaires:

Eugenie a dit…

Sympa ce tage, on en apprend encore plus sur toi :)

Floriane a dit…

Haa contente de voir que tu t'es prêté au jeu ! :D

Haha moi aussi j'ai rencontré mon copain sur internet voilà déjà 3ans *fierrrrrr*

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa mon deuxieme prénom est Lucie aussi xDDD

moeri's story a dit…

Whaa super ce versatile blogger award ^^ Tu es juste geniale ma belle!!
Et que vois-je suis citée??


Je vais faire ce Tag des que possible, j'espere qu'il sera autant interessant que le tiens


~~ ~~