21 nov. 2012

Gal unit : Interview "Black Diamond"

Hi Gals,

I would like to share you to my international followers an article from GalsGalsRevolution (french website about Gal Fashion).

This is an exclusive interview of the popular Gal Unit : "Black Diamond"

I was so glad when I'd got an interview in my mailbox. I don't believe it. I would like to thanks Tsuyoshi "Pontsuyo" Asano, The producer of "Black Diamond". 

The original interview (without modification) :

☆ How have you the idea to create "Black Diamond" ? ( When and Why ?)

I founded this unit in July 2012.
Although there are various types of GALS currently in Japan, I felt a sense of crisis that has
been reduced GANGURO which can be called the originator of gal.
So, I formed this unit with the goal of creating a GANGURO GAL movement all over Japan

☆ What are the rules for integrate your gals unit ?

Eligibility :

 You have to love GAL culture!
 You have to love tanned skin and tannning salon!
 You have to have hair flashy, gaudy makeup, nail flashy
 You have to read GAL magazines “egg” and ”SOUL SISTER” with each issue!
 You have to wear sexy fashion with a lot of exposed skin!
 You have to get along with everyone!

☆ What is the goal of "Black Diamond" ?

In japan, we have the goal of the movement of GANGURO GAL again.
In the world, we have the goal of spreading Japanese GAL culture all over the world.

☆ What do you do during your meeting ?

In meeting, we have discussed to wake the movement of GANGURO GAL in Japan again.
And we have discussed to spread Japanese GAL culture all over the world.
In addition, we usually can not see because there are a lot of members who live in rural
It is also important to deepen the friendship between the members in the meeting.
☆ What is your favourite place during your meeting ? Why ?

We often use the rental meeting room like “FORUM 8”.
Because we are too many people to fit in the coffee shops and McDonald's.
And above all, Since Members look for wacky, we are often kicked out to the clerk…

☆ Do you have references ? Brands ? Magazines ? Models ?

We have been influenced by ”egg” and ”SOUL SISTER” of the GAL magazines.
Especially, we have been influenced by our adviser, MIPOCHI and YUN of famous models.
In fashion, We love “d.i.a.” of most popular GAL brand.
And we respect “MONCHI” who is the shop manager of d.i.a. at Shibuya 109.
she is also our advisor.

☆ What is the average age of "Black Diamond" ?

We have members of all ages up to 28 years from the age of 14.
I have never been accurately calculated,
I think the average age of them is about 19-20 ​years old, perhaps.
☆ What is the difference between your gals unit and a circle ?

I think “GAL circle” is a group of girls who live nearby, and they have been working mainly
in the real world.
And, I think “GAL unit” is not a group of girls who live nearby, and they are also actively
involved in the online world as well as the real world.
In addition, “GAL circle” has a strict discipline as part of the activities, “GAL unit” will only
have a relatively loose discipline as a community.
We are actually “GAL unit”, we may often referred to as “GAL circle” in convenience.

☆ What is your budget of beauty products and clothes ?

I cannot say categorically because there are members of various professions, such as
students and adults.
It is probably about \50,000-\100,000 monthly.
☆ Is it difficult to be a "Black Diamond" in a japanese society ?
Japan is not a multi-ethnic country like the U.S., the Japanese have a tendency to prefer to
the same fashion and hairstyles.
So, A unique and flashy fashion like “black diamond” members is hard to be understood.
However, we stick to our policy even say who does what.

☆ Why do you open "Black Diamond" for international Gals ("gaijin Gyaru") ?

We were very impressed to know that "Gaijin Gyaru" are in the world.
We love GAL culture which is Japan's unique culture of youth.
And they love this culture as much as us.
So, we think it is great to work together across national boundaries.
☆ What is your opinion about "Gaijin Gyaru" ? (The gyaru style abroad )

They are very COOL!!!
They have beautiful faces and big eyes good styles originally.
However, Japanese GAL is more excellent in makeup techniques and fashion senses than
So,if we teach them to Gaijin Gyaru, they are more COOL!!!
We are very much looking forward to that day.

/!\EDIT/!\ I was surprise when I read this message on tumblr. This is scary. I didn't know these facts  I would like to share this link if you would like to do another opinions about Black Diamond. Please read this story. Now, I don't know where is the truth.

☆ Black Diamond's Link :↦ Facebook↦ Blog↦ Youtube
↦ Mixi

☆ GalsGalsRevolution (French Community)

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Chrissie a dit…

I would absolutely love to get makeup and styling advice from the Black Diamond gals! They always look so over-the-top fierce!

Thanks for sharing this~

moeri's story a dit…

Superbe article, merci ma belle!!


Amani a dit…

I'm pretty annoyed at his commentary. He's always been like this. I wish he'd remove my face from the BDia page :/ especially since he doesn't really value gaijin gyaru. The western group was basically a private 'fanclub' to showcase on Japanese TV.

And the girls being in a 'variety of professions'... I hope he means in the red light district, because a bunch of them are actually in fuuzoku. Even the 14 year old one apparently

Rose a dit…

J'ai lu les 2 articles sur Black Diamond sur Gals Gals Revolution, j'ai adoré! Vraiment bien comme article! <3 puis ça ma redonner un peu plus envie de garder une touche gyaru =D

Merci beaucoup, j'en ai beaucoup appris!

Lita Hernandez a dit…

Thank you! This is so cool!
I love the spirit of these gals!

I had seen a video on a gaijin circle visiting the egg office and I think Aina gave a girl new makeup!

I would love to meet Black Diamond gals and the egg gals one day! \(*-*~

~~ ~~