15 nov. 2012

Dilemme : Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Good evening gals,

Quick update to ask your help. I hesitate between two pairs of sneakers...

I like this two pairs but I would like to take just one.

 The white one : Stylish & discret. The good mix for everyday.

→ The "american style" : I adore "american flag" print, one is blue and another is red. Less dicret more rock. I'm afraid to have more difficult to coordinate it. (Buh~ I'm fearful)

I come back soon, I have so much things to show you. (Cosmetic, Clothes, my order from Japan...) I try to motivate me, to not sleep and fall in the sadness of the autumn. (poetic isnt it ?)

Kisses & Hugs

6 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Moi je te dirais les blanches...c'est quand même bien plus facile à porter!^^ Gros poutous ma belle, tu me manques! <3

Glee a dit…

I mean white is good. But I think the flag could mix with anything that has jeans. And you can wear something plain and put that on and its would spice up the whole outfit <3
I love them both but I would rather silver than gold. ^^

moeri's story a dit…

coucou ma belle heureuse de te revoir sur ton blog ^^ Tes updates m'ont manquées.

Ben personnellement je prefere la paire numero 2. Elles sont pour ma part un peu plus originales et moins salissantes!


Aurélie a dit…

Je vote pour les blanches !! Un bisou

Momo~ a dit…

Goshh, I've been wanting the white ones forever *O* Do you know a trusted webshop that sells them?

When picking, I would indeed look at what fits with your clothes. Or just which one you like the most! hehe xD


✿Rin✿ a dit…

White ADIDDAS ! :-D

~~ ~~