12 sept. 2012

☆ ☆ Tokyo girls collection Nagoya - Girls Masquerade (Part 2)

Hi Gals,

For this second part, I show you the most popular brands of TGC Nagoya 2012. There are no video but when the videos it's online, I'll publish it  immediatly.

I like the red touch on this collection. Cecil mc Bee it's a forever Onee Gyaru brand and this collection don't change the rule. The baroque pattern is present on the podium of luxury brands. Good point ! The tones are dark, a lot of leathers and vinyls (vest, legging).   
→ I want : tatoo tights, leather with studs...

The Principal colors are white & pink pastel. No risk with pattern and materials. You're look like a sweet rabbit on a farm. Lots of furs, ears with sequined, patterns baroques, pattern fawn... Yeah, you can do a disney film with this clothes & accessories. 
The rabbit ears hat it's amazing but not pratical. If you measure 1m70, you don't pass the door.

The Lip Service collection looks like with the Cecil Mcbee collection with less leather and more fur. Not surprise, it's a glamor, chic and onee gyaru collection. (Short black dress with rose, fur scarf...)
 In lot of collections, there are the red - crimson  touch. Bad, shoes, Skirt, Lip stick... You must to have a red touch ! (Don't : Total look, like a tomato)
I'm falling in love again for the tights. There are strass on tights... Girly ! 

★ BONUS - PRISILA WIGS                       

Priscila has it place on TGC. You can discover the new collection of wig. I see a reportage about Priscila wig. The staff insists the wigs are more natural. The particularity is on the limit between forehead and the scalp. There are a little hairs on front of the wig to not see the fake. The hairstyles are not shiny and resist to 180° with a curling iron.

And during the Tokyo Girls Collection

That's all for the moment. You can see more brands on the Girlswalker website and Youtube. Check it and tell me what do you think of TGC.

Kisses & Hugs

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4 commentaires:

moeri's story a dit…

J'aime toujours autant Lip Servce <3

Merci pour ce post ma belle!!

Momo~ a dit…

Ah, the Tokyo Girls Collection... I love it, each and every year! Even though I didn't know tihs years event has passed already (normally I read about it at TokyoFashion.com but thet didn't post any article yet). Just can't help but love the red items in the Cecil and LS collection, even tho my style isn't Onee! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Ly☆ a dit…

Grosse préférence pour Lip Service! La robe moumoute blanche...et les collants strassés!! Une merveille! Il me les faut! Gros poutous ma belle!

CandyFloss a dit…

Woh le gateau de couv est trop mignooon *_* Bref, je n'étais pas venu pour ça XD
J'aime beaucoup la collection Cecil McBee! Pas que du noir/gris, des petites touches de rouge, et imprimés, c'est toujours très classe!
La collection Liz Lisa est sympa aussi mais il semble qu'il n'y ait pas trop de rose cette année, ou ce sont juste les photos que tu as selectionnées? *l'accro au rose ><* Ca reste tout de même très mignon!

Je sens que je vais devenir folle avec tous ces beaux vêtements T_T N'empeche, je réalise que parfois c'est vraiment pas donné... Si je me souviens bien tu en parlais justement dans un de tes articles "L'endettement chez les gyarus" ><.
Bref, je m'arrête ici j'ai encore écrit un pavé XD
See you :3

~~ ~~