12 sept. 2012

☆ ☆ Tokyo girls collection Nagoya - Girls Masquerade (Part 1)

"Girls Masquerade theme"

Twice per year, you can watch one of the biggest show in Japan : Tokyo Girls Collection. The models parade on the podium on the podium for each brands. Girlswalker website announce a lot of guest & models : Tsubasa Masuwaka, Jun Komori, Dakota Rose, Suzuki Nana, Sayoko Ozaki, SKE48, afterschool, Orange caramel... Each models, guest, singers do their show in their way.

We discover a lot of brands not known and popular brand. (point of view european) Some videos of brands are online on youtube : Urban research, non-sens, 5351pourlesfemmes, Another Edition....

Chic & Vintange. Urban Search is a brand for Onee gyaru. The clothes and accessories are simple. The difference is the coordination, the brand know mix vintage with a modern style.
I like the fur boots, a must have for the winter. The white lace dress with 3/4 sleeve is just perfect for all conditions. I imagine it with a black blazer or a roku style with a leather coat sleeveless.

Vintage style with a lot of crimson, white, & blue colors (and I forgot the excess of pearls). The models look like a rich 40 years old women in the 50's. Outdated. However, there are some nice accessories and clothes. For exemple, the pearl collars and the crimson coat.

A brand with french words ? "5351pour lesfemmes" isn't terrible and heavy when we read it in french. A disappointment for this collection. I don't find the japan touch. The style is simple, dark like everybody on the street a winter evening.  It's the first time who I see a man model on TGC : good new for men who like japanese fashion. I'm not sur, I think it's Shirota an actor. (I don't know him)
You can see a popular model : Ellie Rose. Her style is ordinary. I like her black vest and her hairstyle very glamor.

This a 50's collection for this A/W. There are a lot of different 50's style : Glamour, "Like a man" style, music hall style... If you watch the video, you can see Anna Tsuchiya ! I'm a big fan of her. She wears a white sequined dress with a large blazer and a borsalino. A glamor gangster style. The mixing man & woman style, I like it ! 

Stay Tuned for the second part...

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