4 sept. 2012

➀ Autumn/Winter : 109 brand's collections (1)

Hi Gals,

I'm back after a long break. I would to thank all my followers and my friends to support me since the begin. I took a few distances with my blog to reflect about my passion about gyaru fashion. I like gyaru  fashion but not that.

I want a new style for my blog, a new title and a new goal. I'm very late in my articles, I try to more update this month.

Well, time to get serious. I would like to write about gyaru fashion for this autumn and winter. I do two part :

 Autumn/Winter : 109 brand's collections,

 Autumn/Winter : Gyaru magazines.

The God of Magic flapping her beautiful wings.

Garula see the A/W like a extension of the summer - Indian summer-. This brand do it collection about western and a litle army style. You're look like a cow girl but you don't. Subtlety is to keep this style "cowboy" without look like a clown. No risk of doing a remake of "Walker Texas Ranger". (More A/W collection 2012 -2013 www.garula.jp)

• The dominant colors : Camaieu of brown, beige & khaki.

 Must-Have clothes and accessories of this collection

 Khaki jacket "army" style (5,985 yen) 
You can wear it large, ajusted at the waist, simple or sophisticated... This a piece of your boyfriend dressing to wear if the weather is undecided.
Beware of total look. The principle of this jacket is to wear a piece of your wardrobe. Try the staggered look feminine / masculine. You can start with a simple white dress and brown boots.
↳ View on :  Galery Lafayette (99.50€), TopShop (62 €)

 Ankle boots
I have a big crush on the Garula ankle boots. The combination of fur and the brut heel will make your walk comfortable. The spike heel is nice but uncomfortable to walk on a street covered with paving stone. (And it wears quickly). These shoes are very easy to coordinate and maintain. You will see them again the next year !
↳ View on : Yoox (64£), Amazone Uk (75£)

Love this vest 

One Spo ... It's chic and original. It's a style that awakens the brat that is in us. One Spo is a transparent brand in Gaijin Gyaru world. Yet, it's a brand that creates clothing, accessories the most envied (Like the d.i.a. belt). For example : the headband "cat ears" with metal frame &"Cat style" fur hood)  . (More A/W collection 2012 -2013 : http://www.onespo.net)

• The dominant colors : Black & pastel colors. (Curious pastel for A / W)

 Must-have clothes and accessories of this collection

 Shoes : The square end (10290 yen)
Yay! More space for your toes. One Spo & Egoist have adopted it. Your toes are relieved and your style is preserved. We forget the spike heels again, pointed shoes. The big définition for this A/W is "comfortable". You can wear these shoes with your outfits the most stylish or simple (like jeans). Choose a shoes with one tone or two-tones.
↳ View on : Solestruck - Lita Jeffrey Campbell (160$), Forever21 (28.75€)

 Creepers platform  (12390 yen)
This is a old school shoes and a must have on Tokyo streets. You can chose the size of the platform of your shoes and to be tall if you're small. This style is appropriate for all style, not only rokku style. One Spo prove it.
↳ View on :  Underground Creepers, NewLook (30€)

 The bi-material leather coat (10290 yen)
The leather is a must have of this winter. It's a classic material for the A/W and easy to coordinate. For this season, the leather is combined with another material such as velvet or stretch material. (Perfect when you gain weight *lol*) 

 Hat "Mustache&Ears Cat" (Like a riding hat - 4725 yen)
The most original accessory of this collection. The question is... How to coordinate it ? You don't want to look like horsewoman but just a stylish woman. Keep it simple with basic (Black & White dress, skirt, shirt...).

Glad New is a rock and grunge brand. No change.We confront the new season with leather, fur and nails. You must to retain a rebellious attitude and taste in the mix of materials and patterns. Welcome to the strange world of Glad New.I think this collection is very darker than the summer collection. Rock style at the edge of sadomasochism. (More A/W collection 2012 -2013 : http://gladnews.jp)

• The dominant colors : Blanck & Red (With white touch)

 Must-Have clothes and accessories of this collection

 "Cat style" fur hood (6,195yen)
Delighted to see the return of this hood. Glad New adopt this accessory in black or leopard (patterns and colors specific of gyaru fashion  during A / W). Already Sold Out, not bother to add that this is a must have. I want it !
↳ View on : Spirit Hoods (109$), Ebay (28.98$)

 Spike tights (5,145yen)
Totally grunge style. You can adopt these tights and rename you "mistress". Why not. You should to wear it with a simple a color one piece. (I repeat : Avoid the total look)

My feeling about this collection. Some of piece are nice for this autumn but I don't like pictures of the Glad New campaign. The pictures are doubtful that defies the laws of good taste. A little trash for some of model. In any case, it does not give me want to buy their clothes. I had to search all items directly on their webshop for appreciate them.

What do you think about Glad New collection ? The pictures ? Maybe I have a style definition too narrow.

That's all for the moment, I publish another brands on my next article. If you want to see a 109 brand, please comment and tell me what. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think and your inspirations for this A / W. Do not worry, I'll be back soon.

Kisses & Hugs

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Dolly-Misato a dit…

Toutes ces collections vendent vraiment du rêve holala >< Moi faut que je me calme, l'acheteuse compulsive que je suis XD Garula, j'adore cette marque car je trouve Anna Fujita, superbe et que ce coté western, j'adore même si ce n'es pas ce que je porterai, mais les compensées de forever 21 wow je les veux en noir T_T ah peine l'automne fini je pense que e vais pas résister pour acheter des boots ><, GLAD NEWS, le manteau de la dernière photo :o et les collant faux porte jarretelle, j'en veux depuis longtemps mais comment arriver a sortir de chez moi avec *pleure* en tout cas super article, j'attend avec impatience ton prochain article, bisous !


Ly☆ a dit…

Ahhh ma capuche à oreilles de chat est toujours "in"!lol J'ai exactement celle de la photo de One Spo! Pas facile à porter par contre!^^ Sinon j'adore moi aussi la veste bordée de fourrure de chez Garula! Merci pour cet article super instructif!! Vivement tes prochains, j'adore te lire, même si je ne prends pas toujours le temps de commenter! ^^ Gros poutous ma roussinette préférée!

~~ ~~