10 juil. 2012

Errors, stereotypes in the Gaijin Gyaru community [Part 1]

Hi Gals !

I would like to show you my article on GalsGalsRevolution (French website about gals). It's an article in french and I translate it for my readers. I read a lot of blogs and I see a lot of things in the Gaijin Gyaru community.

The community Gaijin Gyaru is more and more narcissistic. It's difficult to find a person who it's not hypocritical. I dream to see a lot of gals help each other. Even in a circle, there are competitions.
The big defect of this community is the old stereotype about "Gyaru". Remember the gyaru with a orange face, flashy colors, big curls, animal prints ... Today the style is no longer limited to that and yet ... I do this article to help and stop theses errors.

☆ ☆ bottom Falses  lashes of the eye are obligatory for style Gyaru

No, no and no! We have "lucky" for most of us have long eyelashes and well supplied. Too often the gyaru style is caricatured. Gaijin Gyaru do a makeup too pronounced with a superb effect "Carnivorous Plant" or "Panda eyes".

The  bottom false lashes, yes, only if it is well posed. For example, I saw some whoppers in the magazine EGG Beauty S / S 2012 :

The left picture is the worst makeup I've seen.

You really must abstain if you've this result. Stop thinking that it is mandatory to put false eyelashes on the bottom of the eye only because it's "gyaru" as in the magazine. Practice, try makeup. I offers you a good tutorial of EGG magazine Beauty 2012 S / S.  

My tip for don't wear bottom falses lashes from the bottom of the eye, is to create a shadow, a trompe-l'oeil. (* Bad Joke *)

At first, move your false eyelashes slightly outward from the eye, keep the line continues to the eyelid.

Secondly, to create a shadow : Use an eyeshadow of your choice (I suggest you choose shades of brown to black for rokku style) and draw the shadow of the bottom center of the eye to the tip of your false eyelashes. (To avoid smudging, blur).

Finally, use a kohl black or brown and do a short trace in the center of the mucosa. (the bottom of the eye) Just the center, otherwise you're don't have the enlarging of  the eye. The other trick is to put mascara on the eyelashes at the center and just  the peaks to the corner of the eye.

I would try to make you a tutorial for an upcoming article. Meanwhile, the best example you illustrate my tip:

The stunning model for Happie Nuts, Sayoko Ozaki. This is one of the model that uses the least bottom false eyelashes (Where the most natural)

☆ ☆ Warning: The foundation / BB cream

I think this is the worst and the first error with Gaijin Gyaru. Choose your foundation is a difficult thing that requires a lot of tries on the jaw. You need to try on your jaw and see the result in the daylight. Myself, I let myself be fooled by artificial light. (Now I have a foundation with two tones above my natural skin tone)
I saw a tutorial of a Gaijin Gyaru with a foundation too dark, but the quality was so bad that it's not apparent. Sure, it's also something we do not see necessarily on the photos ... Between the bad qualities and photoshop, we sell dreams by the technique of blurring. I always asked me a question : What is the result during a meeting ... Unless you are in the style Yamamba or Ganguro, the effect "Orange Face" is definitely OUT.

It's the same thing for BB cream, there are several models to try before finding the right shade. The task is more difficult for those who are mat or black skin

You need to focus on a specific BB cream for your skins (Since the primary purpose is to whiten the skin). If you want to avoid the "Moon Face", choose the good BB cream, I advise you to watch multiple tutorials on Youtube before making your final choice.

☆ ☆ AV Gyaru is not a style... That's all !

I don't know why Gaijin Gyaru love "Av-gyaru". I don't understand when I see "Hi ! I'm Av gyaru" or "Hi ! I like a gyaru who do pornography and now I do for you a makeup tutorial". What's the fuck ?? Are your serious ?

You're a adult video gyaru ? What ? That's no make sense ! Av-Gyaru it's a job and just a job. The gyaru who do pornography have different style like rokku (90%, a lot of d.i.a.), ageha, kogal...

Why people likes  "av-gyaru". Because these gyaru wear a lot of d.i.a. clothes. Since when to wear d.i.a. clothes make you an "av-gyaru" ? Tell me.

Why I say that ? I find this very shocking to find a lot of gaijin gyaru between 15 - 18 years old who admire gyaru who do pornography. Hello ! It's the same thing if you admirate a no gyaru who do pornography. Same makeup, same job, same nudity.

I'm angry. I would like people think about this and have own opinions. Too many shortcuts are made. You can do what you want but don't make people in an error.

I know gyaru style isn't the most virgin thing but keep your esteem. I'm bored to see vulgarity. (sexy isn't vulgarity !)

Take care of yourself ♥ ♥

☆ ☆ To adopt the gyaru style, you have to be thin,

One thing: We will never have the backbone of a Japanese. This is the style that is exported and not the lifestyle. The folly of thinness is the same everywhere but when you see the magazine as "EGG"  It's very frightening to see this publicity about slimming products to swell an anorexic. Oh, I forget the  old & bad photoshop on the pictures. These girls don't breathe the health.

Do not copy/paste. Have your own style, your own personality! Today, there is no rule who defined a gyaru. Nobody can to tell you otherwise. Today, the community retains a Gaijin Gyaru old mentality and stereotypes in mind. Everything is subject to tell you "you're fat". Most often they are girls complexed, and psychorigid and jealous. (See psychologically fragile)

In a future article, I'll make you another listing errors not to reproduce.

Be yourself, Respect yourself and others! Mistakes are human and help another gals to improve. Criticism is never negative when it is constructive !


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Glee a dit…

I love this post and thank you for showing
Sayoko Ozaki. this is basically makeup I'm almost always doing just need few tweaks. thank you so much for the introduction of her <3

I pretty much agree with everything posted

CookieCat a dit…

I´m very glad you said something like that, because many Gaijin Gyarus do an extreme style and I think newby Gyarus think they have to look that way too to be Gyaru and that´s a pity :(

Anaïs a dit…

completely agree!!!the most important is to be yourself and do what you like using what you want, not try to be another person!

Astralys a dit…

Glee > Thank Glee. I really like Sayoko Ozaki. I would like to be her, to have her eyes, she is pretty & smiling. Kisses <3

Cookiecat > Thanks Cookie. I'm glad to if you agree. I'm feel very alone with my opinion. I should to speak about that. We must share it and explain to new gaijin gyaru. Kisses <3

Anaïs > This is the secret of the beauty. We must trust in us ! YaY. Kisses <3

Please can you share it ? Mainly about "Av gyaru". I can't hear "av gyaru" anymore.

Momo~ a dit…

Great post! I'm kinda new to the Gaijin Gyaru community, but I directly noticed the stereotypes! I think all of us do it sometimes, stereotyping, but it's good you wrote a post about it to give it some attention. I found gyaru through a manga (GALS! by Mihona Fuji) and that manga told me that you can be gyaru in many ways, as long as you're proud to be one! >w< *long comment*

Jeanne a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ton article, les remarques sont très justes et tu as une vision du monde gaijin gyaru avec le bon recul, très intéressant :)

Pinky ♥ cup of pink tea a dit…

hi i like your blog so much!!!
if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you like
i'll follow you


Rose a dit…

Très bon article Nini! Je trouve que tu as énormement bien résumé les choses et dit tout ce qu'il y avait à dire! Je n'aurai pas pu faire mieux!

J'adore énormement cet article!

Maria a dit…

I think it's a good post but I personally disagree on the styles of make-up. As it happens with most things, there is a wide variety of possible styles and liking or disliking a specific one doesn't make it incorrect IMHO.
(I, for instance, like better heavier eye make-up styles like Himena Osaki's, Mipoti's or the like). Even though I have to admit that those might need some more practice in order to look right.

Of course, as you said it's all a matter of following what you like and seeing where you fit into and what suits you better (at this certain point of your life, because things and tastes change) is better than blindly following a trend because so.

(Anyway, if it's a matter of being truth to yourself, why should there be rules?)

It's a great post anyway!

~~ ~~