11 juin 2012

☆☆ Hippie Chic - Babyliss Easy Waves video Review&Tutorial

Hi Gals,

It's a new update to present to you my new "Babyliss Easy Waves". It's a must have. Gyaru community like this. Bye bye the curls, welcome the waves. The twins, Guri&Gura Yoshikawa are the gyaru users. They adopt this style with a Lizlisa outfit style.

Soft, sexy, natural-looking waves are very much the look of the moment and they are really versatile. Waves look great to complement a casual day look or glammed up for the evening.With Wave Envy it is so easy to achieve beautiful soft waves that really last. Simply press the hair between the plate and the ceramic barrels to create the wave effect. You'll be amazed how quickly you can transform your look.

  • Heats up to 200°C
  • Ceramic coated plates and barrels
  • Advanced Ceramics™ for ultra-fast heat up and heat recovery
  • Three heat settings to suit different hair types
  • Heat protection mat
  • Extra long 2.5m cord
  • Auto shut off 

Easy ★☆☆☆☆

Price ★★☆☆☆

It's a little expensive than a curling iron. I bought this product in a Supermarket (I'm lucky). It's difficult to find it in France. You can buy this waves iron on the internet. (Amazon, Ebay, webshop of Hairdresser...). The price is between 40€ - 55€.

 I do a video tutorial&review to show you this new product. I'm sorry it's a french video. I try to do english sub-title later. If you don't understand the french language, you don't miss an important informations. I say a lot of repetition and a lot of stupidity. I'm so shy when I do videos ><...

♥ ♥ Bonus 

My makeup - Geo Bambi Sesame Gray

Necklace (32€) & Bracelet (22€) Rokku D.i.a. -like by Ly* (GeekBallerina)

I hate my bangs... I don't know what I can do with this. I must wait it grow up. It's horrible when it's between bangs and a lock. I don't want a bangs anymore. See you soon in a futur update. I show you all my purchase and my wichlist. (TutuHa&TutuHa again Yeah). I'm very late with my updates.

You can see me on Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012. It's funny to see my face. I look like a dark bitch with my gunther face. You can see me 00"52 and in the outtakes 33"08 (It's very short)

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Circle lens to U by Tokki
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 Kisses&Hugs Gals

6 commentaires:

Minna a dit…

J'adore ! Ca fait naturel et genre pour un look hippie ca passe parfaitement *-* Ca me rappel ce genre de wig qui me fait de l'oeil en ce moment http://www.gothiclolitawigs.com/rhapsody-in-brown/

Par contre, ca m'a l'air fichtrement long !!! Je sais pas combien de temps tu mets pour boucler tes meches mais perso avec mon fer à lisser je mets 10 sec maxi par meches :O

Les bijoux sont superbes

Gros gros bisous !

Annie a dit…

I want one so bad!

moeri's story a dit…

Ma belle comme toujours tu es magnifique !!

Tes cheveux ondulés comme ça de vont tres bien et j'avoue que je pense craquer pour un appareil comme celui ci.

Les bijoux de Ly sont magnifiquent !!

Kisses !!!

Skye a dit…

Tu es trop cocote sur ce tuto ! J'aime aussi les bijoux de Ly que tu portes !
Ca a l'air sympa comme fer mais je vais attendre un peu de le voir débarquer en France parce que chez moi il n'y en a pas xD

Bisous !!

Ryo' a dit…

Et le son fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ♥

Tu es vraiment belle sur ta dernière news blog ♥

Tu n'as franchement rien à m'envier, d'autant plus que tu as vraiment un très beau style ! Moi, je suis trop loin d'être gyaru, parce que j'aime bien changer de styles au gré de mes humeurs.

Je vais tester ce fer, un jour... ça a l'air vraiment trop la classe *______*

Merci en tout cas de nous faire partager cette review ♥

Bisous ma rousse ♥

Nana-Chi a dit…

Arrw *o* ur so cute,...the lens' looks so magical on your eyes!! i love ur makeup! keep on doing a great job honey!

~~ ~~