7 avr. 2012

❤ ♡ Thanks You shoppingholics.com + Crazy Outfit

Hi Gals !

How are you doing ?

I'm fine ! I am the winner of "5000 fans giveway" by Shoppingholics.com. (Facebook here) I received my prices yesterday.

I won  :

1 pair circle lens (Geo Angel Gray Circle Lens)
1 piece lens case
1 box Three Tree Handmade False Eyelashes #116 (10 pairs)
1 box Three Tree Handmade False Eyelashes #99 (10 pairs)

Today, I must to try the circle lens with makeup. 


Without flash

Origin : Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
→ Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal

I like this.  It's very confortable lens and not too large diameter (I dislike bigger circle lens). The colour is very darker. It look like more a black circle lens than grey circle lens. I think to buy another pair maybe green or blue to have a idea of this circle lens.

I would like to buy a new circle lens. My favourite circle lens Princess mimi sesame grey was too dry to be wear. (R.i.p) Maybe the lens case was not watertight. I would make an order from  Shoppingholics.com soon.

I try a outfit with my work clothes.I had fun like I can. (I'm crazy)

I should try to come to work like that. It would solve the problem of overcrowding in the hospital. As you can see, I smooth my wig. Why ? There was so many knot with the curls... My wig was unkempt. I am so impressed she looks just as natural.

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4 commentaires:

Anaïs a dit…

Congrats!!!cool prices!!lenses are very cute ^^

Ly☆ a dit…

Félicitations pour ce concours, tu as beaucoup de chance et les prix sont justes extras!!! Tu nous montreras ce que donne les faux-cils??? En tout cas les lentilles te vont très bien, même si tu les trouves foncées!
Mention spéciale pour ton crazy outfit!!! Je kiffe ce décalage totalement déjanté! je devrais peut-être faire pareil au boulot...ou pas (arf!)! Gros poutous ma belle! <3

cosmeticlover a dit…

Les lentilles ce sont les mêmes que sur Solution-lentilles.com ?

Tu les as eu où ?


Emily's Diary a dit…

Encore félicitation ;)

En tout cas, je suis totalement fan des faux cils !
Je vois que tu as mis ta perruque sur les photos non ? :3

~~ ~~