9 avr. 2012

New Iphone case -like d.i.a. - ♥ ♥ Sweet Custom

"When your phone becomes a fashion accessory"

Hi Gals !

I write a little update to show you my new Iphone 4 case from Sweet custom. Jennifer is the creator of this facebook shop.

I'm falling in love of one of this phone case :

d.i.a. -like iphone 4 case
Her creations are unique, gorgeous and very good quality. Jennifer is available, careful to your desire.
I have no problem with the shipping : Faster & very good packaging (Bubble wrap *me gusta*).
The price is the cherry on the cake (I'm not sure if this sentence exist in english), the price ! I paid 35 € with shipping. It's cheap and unique.

If you search a phone case, stop it now ! Go to Sweet Custom. You can contact her on this facebook page.

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Kisses & Hugs

10 commentaires:

nissah a dit…

ahhhh ma ptite jennifer =) =) elle est forminable.. j ai hate de recevoir la mienne =) ( qui d'ailleurs est la mm que la tienne =) )

Ly☆ a dit…

Whouaaaaahhh cet Iphone case est splendide! Coup de coeur pour l'inscription d.i.a. évidemment!^^ Jennifer est vraiment très douée! Maintenant, note à moi-même : acheter un I-phone!^^
Gros poutous ma belle!

Lily. a dit…

C'est super beau, ça envoi du pathé ! J'aime beaucoup ! Bisouuus

Anaïs a dit…

waaah!!what beautiful cases!!I will visit her I want one!

NaTT a dit…

*^* Realy glam designs!!
I love all of they!

Annie a dit…

oh wow I love them! thanks for the tip!

moeri's story a dit…

Super coque, super bien faite! Bravo ^^

nanaXaimihana a dit…

tagged! http://aimihana-beautywithin.blogspot.ca/2012/04/tag-11-things-emixlea.html :)

Elli a dit…

Woaah these look soo good. The price is incredible o.O
Too bad I don't have an iphone. Sometimes I think about buying one just for the cases xDD


Yukina ♥ a dit…

So cute!!!!! i follow you your coords are amazing!!♥

~~ ~~