21 avr. 2012

† † DIY : Spike Pumps & Spike [Part 1]

Hi Gals,

Today, I received my spikes. I'm falling in love of spikes clothes. I decided to customized my clothes when I saw the beautiful collections "studded heart" :

The problem is the price. It's too expensive to buy a clothes directly in a shop or webshop.
It's really simple to make a spike pumps cheaper. I bought spikes on ebay (Click here) for around 14 €uros. I regret to not buy more spikes and studs. I want to customize a lot of clothes.

I start today with my pumps and a black short destroy.

 †† Black Pumps & Spikes

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 ¤ How I did - You Need

→ Spikes,
→ 2 Screwdriver (Crosshead&flat),
→ Hammer,
→ Nails & screws,
→ Black pumps,

I used nails for identify where I'll put my spikes. I don't have screw gun. (So bad for my fingers *I hurt*)
Only with my force and screws, I made holes for the spikes enter. (System D *yeah*)

It took me six hours "Handmade" to make this customization. I'm happy with the result although I think buy other add spikes on the heel. To be continued ... DIY short spikes ! It's more fast and simple than pumps spikes... In the next article I will show you an outfit with my pumps & my destroy short.

Soon... The second part,
Kisses Hugs,

9 commentaires:

Amandine Tomas a dit…

Wouah!!! Magnifique!!!! tu me donnes envie de customiser... quoi... je sais pas encore... mais ça viendra ^^

Gros Bisous ma belle !!!

Astralys a dit…

I'm sorry for the people who let me an commentaire on this article I don't know why.... All the comment don't want appear on my blog. (VDM)

I will answer questions.(with my little Memory)

Thank you so much. I bought the spikes on this ebay store :


I will show you an outfit in the next article with the shoes.


Annie a dit…

that's so creative! looks awesome, great job :)

Ly☆ a dit…

Bon et bien je recommence : j'adooooooore ta custo!!! Tes chaussures sont magnifiques, tellement parfaites comme ça!!! Merci pour le lien de la boutique, je t'avoue que je suis très tentée!!! Vivement que tu nous montres un outfit avec ces merveilles! Gros poutous ma belle rousse d'amour! <3

Aurélie a dit…

Raaaah j'adore, ta custo est juste sublime !! J'ai acheté des pics comme ça il y a un moment mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé où je vais les planter ahah.
Question (con) : ça fait pas mal au talon le frottement avec les studs ? Ou tu as protégé la zone ?
Bisous bella

Emily's Diary a dit…

J'adore !! Je suis absolument fan de ta custo ! *o*

Franchement j'ai hâte de voir ce que ça va donner avec l'outfit que tu vas nous donner !

Astralys a dit…

Merci les filles <3 <3.

Lilie > Non je ne sens pas les clous. En faite la vis est à embout plat ! Je suis vraiment super à l'aise dans ces chaussures <3.

Isse Revenge a dit…

Ohhh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it *-----* are really awesom T^T I need at least a pair of those shoes <3 Bye~

queenshambles a dit…

those shoes you did yourself are amazing!!!
i really love spikes too at the moment, id really love to spike/stud something myself and i have put it down as my next project (when i have time haha)

but those shoes really are amazing!

~~ ~~