26 févr. 2012

Vote for Amandine, we need you - Kawaii Tv Contest

Who is the most Kawaii? You are the judge!

From 11 countries, over 170 girls have applied for this audition, a contest to choose "The Most Kawaii Star!" The 4 finalists from all over the globe are now in Tokyo to win the position of final contestant! The competition will be based on their powers and skills to spread "Kawaii". The girls which will be judged based on their presentations, and have uploaded videos showing their make-up techniques. Click on the photos and vote for the girl you think is the most "Kawaii"!! The top 3 girls which receives the most number of votes will pass onto the next stage.

Deadline for votes February 27th, 2012 10:00 am (Japan). 

1 commentaire:

NaTT a dit…

Voted! Good Luck for the french gyaru! She's really kawaii N_N

~~ ~~